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Welcome to People Search Free Source. Here you will find information to help you conduct a free people search. Are you looking for information about public figures, celebrities, politicians, criminals in your area, ancestors, old classmates and friends, old girlfriends/boyfriends, or just your next-door neighbor? Finding people or information on people can be harder than you think. Here at People Search Free Source you will find information to help you conduct a free online people search. Be sure to check out or Free People Search Example for some great tips and tricks to help you find someone.
The business of finding or locating people whether they want to be found or not is called "skip tracing". Professional skip tracers are, more times than not, able to locate someone quicker than you think. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call or a couple pecks on the computer keyboard.

So how do they do it? How can they find someone so quickly? More importantly how can you find someone?

The big secret is the social security number and a credit report. A "social security trace" is simply running the subject's social security number through the credit bureaus and getting back so-called "header files" from their credit report. These header files provide you with the subject's full name, address, and other vital information such as date of birth and sometimes even current employment. Until recently these header files were considered public information 0under the Fair Credit Reporting Act but that has changed. The Graham, Leach Act has restricted their use to "permissable purposes" meaning that of business/investment transactions, insurance, employment, and litigation. Still given a good reason skip tracers can run social security traces by phone or computer and locate people very quickly.

Now what if you (or the skip tracer) don't have the subject's social security number? Well in that case you can do what is known as a national identifier search. A national identifier search uses the last-known name and address (NO social security number) to try to locate the person. This type of search doesn't always work especially if the person you are trying to locate doesn't want to be found and is using an alias.

So can you, as an individual, skip trace someone by their social security number? Well unfortunately the answer is no. You can't run a credit report on someone else unless you have an account with a major credit bureau. The credit bureaus will only open accounts for specific types of businesses and unless you are in a business that relies on credit reports you more than likely won't be able to open an account.

Not all is lost though. There are ways to find people without spending money to do so. Our belief is simple: With the amount of information that's available today who or what you are searching for is there somewhere you just have to know where to look to find it.

Social security numbers are often included in public records, such as lawsuit filings and bankruptcy records. This can be very helpful if you are trying to find someone that is using an alias. Even if you have used a professional skip tracer and had no luck without the persons social security number try again once you have their SS #.

Try the phone book. You'd be surprised how many people forget to try locating someone with their local telephone phone directory.

Try locating them online. For some helpful hints and tricks for searching for someone using the internet check out our Free People Search Example.

Run a Department of Motor Vehicles search. For more information on searching for someone using the DMV go to Search Vehicle Records.

Try asking friends, relatives, neighbors, employers and even business associates. For some helpful hints go to people search tool asking around.

For example many people incorrectly believe that some information, such as social security numbers or mothers' maiden names, are always non-public. This is just not true. While individuals may believe generally that their mother's maiden name is a "private" fact (and credit grantors may treat it as private or secure), birth records are public record in every state. Since birth records typically contain the maiden name of the maternal parent, the information is not only not private, it's public record. For more click on searching for mother's maiden name.

Associations, Licensing Boards, Hobbyist Groups. Just because someone moves doesn't mean they change what they do for a living or what they like doing as a hobby so be sure to check these groups.

Check to see if the person you are searching for has a fishing or hunting license.

If it's an old friend from school that you are looking for then you might want to try classmates.com.

If you suspect the person you are looking for is in college then try greekpages.com.

Search for military service at GIsearch.com.